Artisanal Website Design

Small Victory Press

Being visible on the web is the new normal, and potential customers expect to see you there. With minimal investment and a small amount of planning you can get your web presence up and running; then change it along the way, improving it via Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress, or original code.

Website Creation

With so many tools available you can have a web presence with great results. Having a blog is a great way to learn how and why social media marketing works. A page on Wordpress or SquareSpace is a great way to start organizing your content and deciding what you want from your site.

Social Media Support

Good social media management publishes across several online platforms. Think of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn together as a basic package. For a full kit you'd include Tumblr, Pinterest, Flikr, and Google Plus. A combination of locations makes you easier to contact.


Social media outreach can be published on your behalf by a consultant who understands your priorities and targets followers from your market. Email publishing is effective and creates a robust database of marketing materials you can use to engage your social media contacts.

Creative Help is Here

Strong digital branding uses current, authentic and future-proof strategies, methods and techniques. Solid architecture for social media consistently implements a cohesive package of text and imagery. A forward-thinking plan based on a modular expandable model is a good strategy.

Words & Pictures Too

I have experience with media and messaging from a range of industries. With a professional portfolio of advertising, marketing, and graphic design I can help you develop a fresh identity and achieve your online goals by leveraging existing digital media and creating new digital assets.


Email brianleeboyce@smallvictorypress.com anytime.